Ageing Well Together: Our Conference Objectives


Who will benefit from attending?

Everyone who has been involved with Ageing Well will benefit by hearing the exciting results and progress made on these projects, as this conference is a celebration of Phase 1 (Tranche 1) funded projects.

Those working in NGOs, research funding organisations, not-for-profits, program management and evaluation, knowledge translation, stakeholders, policy makers, government research and development, academia and research institutes and researchers.


What can participants hope to gain?

Participants will gain a greater appreciation and understanding of the Ageing Well projects from the lead investigators and stakeholders involved with the projects.

They will also gain a better understanding of the cross-over and collaborative opportunities for the future.

The programme includes formal and interactive sessions, such as short presentations by the Principal Investigators and round-table discussions about the project, and the translation, knowledge exchange and implementation of this research.

This interactive conference offers an opportunity to network and exchange ideas and best practices with international experts, peers, stakeholders and end-users of health research.